My heart bursts when I read a note like this one, from one who prefers to remain anonymous. So many women struggle with infertility, which makes us struggle with our purpose in life. How could hundreds, if not thousands of females before us have the ability to create a child, and then suddenly with me, with perhaps even YOU, the biological lineage is over. The existential grappling of this is beyond imagination to one who has children. This post gripped my heart…Read on. Love, Robbi

Dear Robbi,
my heart was breaking while looking at The Empty Womb page. I couldn’t do anything but cry! I was adopted and my mom often talked about not being able to have a baby of her own. She said she hated women who walked down the street pushing baby carriages. She wanted a baby so badly.. it took her 16 years of trying and eventually she had two boys of her own. She lost them at 17 and 29 years of age. She always felt they were loaned to her. I think I was placed in her life for that simple fact. I always struggled with my own purpose and still do to this day. I never thought my mom was crazy for her thoughts and still don’t.   Don’t know why I went into all this but I do want you to know I admire what you are doing for your healing and for that of others! Hugs!