Providing catharsis, community, coaching and proven strategies for women grieving LIFE after unsuccessful in-vitro fertilization, and infertility. We provide Immediate support to shift life, today. Book a Free, 50 Minute One-to-One Discovery Call with Robbi’s team, and look forward to a bright future, today. 


“After creating and rewriting (and rewriting again) effective scripts, I practiced, then used them. My painful interactions with others which had been imbued with projection, guilt, anger, jealousy, misunderstanding and sympathy…simply ended.”

Annemielke: Bermuda

“My family and friends tried to be supportive; after awhile they just wanted us to ‘get over it;’ to ignore our loss. They had no clue how to deal with my infertility… why Mother’s Day is the worst day of my life. With your program, it IS getting easier. My husband’s and my journey is lifelong. It is imperative for me to have a place to come…without feeling shame, guilt, or judgment; where I can be totally honest. I didn’t know how we’d ever make it. But we did. Thank you, Robbi. I’m gonna be okay.”

Lisa: Chicago, IL

“Your work is going to be a landmark for women everywhere. It is recognition of the loss and pain that we have had to bear alone. As a psychotherapist and a woman who failed IVF and still mourn my infertility, I still deeply feel the pain. I didn’t realize so many women were quietly and many shamefully, blaming themselves at the same time.” Love and blessings from Seattle

Ali: Seattle, WA

“You will forever impact women with your work. You have forever impacted me. I know you are saving lives. You may have saved mine.”

Betsy: Los Angeles, CA

If you’ve tried to move on from unsuccessful IVF cycles on your own, yet feel stuck in ‘the Pit,’ of loneliness, isolation and grief after dreams of biological motherhood are shattered. Robbi has created the first curriculum and coaching resource for women specifically heal their hearts, minds and spirits. We help you rest, recover, and move on to your next best vision. Join us. You do NOT have to do this alone. Blessings, Robbi