A young journalist named Anastasia Alt visited my studio recently, and she inspired me in profound ways. I also shared The Empty Womb with her, and she wrote this piece on her thoughts as she reflected on the installation. She advises us all to “Sit in the Discomfort;” and reminds is that sometimes that’s the only way to be a loving friend.

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by Anastasia Alt

“How are you?” they ask. “Oh, I’m fine,” you might reply. But really, you are not. Maybe the truth looks like this:

I was laid off.

I have cancer.

I am getting divorced.

I don’t have the money.

I drink too much and I don’t know why.

I am estranged from my family.

I was abused.

I am sad.

I visited an artist named Robbi Firestone in Santa Fe this week. She very candidly shared with me her story of infertility, which she is now sharing with the world through a moving installation entitled The Empty Womb.

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