This in response to my interview with Betsy Chasse yesterday…a wonderful woman from Olympia, WA….

When you spoke about how profound the hysterectomy had hit you it took me back … A night long ago … I was 45 … Late … Lying in a hospital room alone – my husband had gone home and would be back early to be there for my surgery … I could hear the pan music coming up the street into my hospital window in Barbados … The next day I would be losing the part of me that should have given me my greatest desire … And outside people were partying! Rather weirdly profound! What hit me was something you said about no one – even in my case my husband, not really realizing what this meant to me … Part of my soul was being ripped away … I felt that is what you were conveying yesterday in something you said … The wound scabs, we move on, but a piece of our spirit has been removed … Possibly it is just in wait til the next incarnation where it comes to us directly … Or it is passed to another and comes to us through another … I know that your work is right, needed and spot on! Namaste …

Ali Crane, Olympia WA