Ok, here’s a fascination…My computers dictionary doesn’t’ know what it is. No one has ever heard of it (and thinks we make it up) unless you’ve HAD it…

This amazes me. Estimated 10% of the worlds women is infertile. Endometriosis, in my case, AND adenomyosis caused my infertility. Yet even other women tell me it was all in my head.

I just received an intimate email from a friend from high school who shared her early infertility story due to endometriosis.

So here is a bit of my story of infertility. Can you relate?

Me: Wow, (*Friends Name*)…Thank you so much for sharing…I’m so sorry you had to undergo a hysterectomy so young (mid 20s)
Our stories are similar. Endometriosis to adenomyosis…. I fought the excruciating pain like you did… I actually developed a life of freelance because i couldn’t keep a “Job”- having to consume 7 days of narcotics a month (and I HATE narcotics). Yet painkillers were a necessary evil….
Eventually after 27 laparoscopic surgeries, burning, scaring, and finally my heartbreaking hysterectomy at 42 due to unceasing spread of the endometriosis, and my organs all scarring/’burning’ together. 
Luckily due to my family history of cancer, a world renowned oncology doctor did my surgery. Thank God.
When she got in there it took 5.5 hours;;; she removed part of my colon, bladder, rectum,,, it had spread EVERYWHERE. I had no idea my body was actually dying from it. Phenomenal…western medicine is archaic about this incredibly common problem….
xooxxo thank you for sharing…

Look. Auto correct still won’t accept the word.

WTF> please share…xoxoRobbi