Social Responsibility? 
Long Term Goal:

Mobilize our Client base of infertile, Female Powerhouses to shift the societal stigma of fostering and adoption in America. We will engage these women to create their families while rebuilding our ineffectual American Child Welfare system.


Our clients are female Cultural Creatives, CEOs, Benevolent Mavens, Entrepreneurs, Influencers who know systems, and are natural, Philanthropic Fixers. We build an intimate, private, highly confidential community woven of women eager to heal with their hearts. That’s why she wants a biological baby so badly; why she spent $30,000-$500,000US for In-vitro Fertilization, why she sacrifices relationships, time and sanity on cycle after cycle of Assisted Reproductive Medicine. Do you know her, personally?


As Westerners, the experience of “Childless-Not-By-Choice” feels profoundly painful, isolating, hopeless…. Our society is built around family experience. She is told she is, “not a real woman,” that she, “Put career over family,” or “Didn’t pray hard enough/have been punished by God.” Often her most beloved relationships and friendships disintegrate as those with children bond from kindergarten through college; the dissimilarities and uncommon interests instigate organic rifts.

The Stats

While statistic vary globally; The number of women between 15-44 in the United States who have difficulty getting and staying pregnant is  12 percent of all women, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Where do these girls go?”

Moreover, the international circumstances, are ever more grave. Infertility, literally, can drive a woman to an early grave. After speaking to thousands in Delhi, India at Women’s Economic Forum an inquiry emerged in my mind; “What manifests when a young girl in rural, uneducated, regions when her singular Life’s Purpose is ‘baby-making’ for socio-economic good of family and community? What happens to her in Asia, Africa, India and beyond? “Where do these girls go,” when they are disowned and disappear from families, towns and villages?” (My work garnered the award, “Iconic Leaders Bettering the World for All,” as I spoke on the taboo subject of female infertility in India.)
Having met with Government “Gender officers” from Liberia, Ghana, and India, we will engage the international press as this relevant, timely, silent conversation which has never previously explored. Between 8.5% to 12.3% of the world’s women are reported infertile. (The documentary of my work, The Empty Womb, premiered in NYC in Parallel/United Nations with the Commission on the Status of Women by Global Women’s Economic Network where I met these government officials who have never been asked this question about female infertility. We were met with MUCH support.)

My Mission and Passion

has become protecting young girls and women who are declared infertile, thereby rejected as soiled/useless (India), as ‘Witches,’ (Nigeria, Ghana), or simply family liabilities (everywhere). These Young Ones are some of the most vulnerable global citizens…and such, are ‘easy’ victims to sex traffickers.

What will we do?

We will inspire and create self sustaining, micro-communities of these women globally, teach them new “Making” skills, then  distribute their fair trade goods through venues such as Santa Fe, New Mexico’s yearly “International Fair,” etc….

The Big Question

It has been an Honor to speak and facilitate events for New Mexico Philharmonics Arts Festival, Young Presidents Organization, Fortune 100s, World Presidents Organization, United Centers for Spiritual Living, etc., where we fiercely raise The Hard Question: “What is the impact/relationship between women’s infertility and sex trafficking victims in Asia, Africa, India, and beyond?”
So, you see, the engagement of top influencers and income earners can literally change the United States, and our Beautiful World.

Curious? Wanna Help?

We will continue to commit every ounce of energy, passion and penny to this mission, yet are fully aware that we are limited without support. If you have ideas, venues, are press, or interested in learning more…please contact us.

Gandhi says, “The Western Woman will Save the World.” 

Let’s Do This! xoRobbi