Feeling TRULY Honored by the Words of one of the most revered persons in the field of Reproductive Medicine, Will Halm, who passionately supports every persons deepest desire to create a beautiful family (like his own, shown here).

Thank you for your support, Will; I’m feeling deeply humbled by your words about my Work and Mission to support grieving, ChildLess-Not-By-Choice Mothers….Blessings, Robbi

To Whom It May Concern:

I write this letter in support of Robbi Firestone in her application for a Tory Burch Foundation Fellowship.  Robbi is one of the most extraordinary people I know, both professionally and personally, and through her coaching and workshops, Robbi is addressing a critical need amongst women today – the challenges of infertility.  The painful and complex psycho-social issues facing women today who have undergone IVF and other fertility treatments without success have largely gone unaddressed.  Many women who have postponed their family creation for their careers and other important pursuits are unprepared for the arduous, and often heartbreaking process, of fertility treatments.

I am a business professional and attorney in the field of Assisted Reproduction Technology (“ART”).  As an ART professional who has served clients around the world, given many lectures across the country, and worked with prospective parents from every walk of life, I know firsthand that the women who do not take the next step to a surrogate or egg donor after IVF treatments because of mental and spiritual exhaustion, fear, or lack of support or awareness, could so benefit from Robbi’s personal experiences and guidance.  Many women simply do not know where to turn when their dreams of a family are shattered.  Robbi has been there and truly knows how to provide a path to acceptance – whatever that looks like.  Surrogacy, egg donation, adoption, or living child-free – Robbi’s professional model will ensure that the client will reach a decision right for her.

I first met Robbi when she was in the midst of her own personal journey through infertility.  Through her experiences (many of them filled with anguish) she has created so many positive things – artworks, films, philanthropic leadership.  Most important, I believe, is her program designed for women who have suffered the devastating effects of unsuccessful IVF treatments and infertility.  This program is truly unique and it took someone like Robbi to develop a program that is absolutely essential in today’s world – where assisted reproduction technology cannot undo biological clocks and other medical issues facing women in contemporary society, but where women still want to create families without resentment or guilt, but with joy and enlightenment.  I am confident that Robbi’s important work will reach a far greater audience of women, both nationally and internationally, if she is provided with the generous support of a Tory Burch Foundation fellowship.


Will Halm

Managing Partner, International Reproductive Law Group