Robbi’s Mission

Your LIFE after IVF Coaching provides catharsis, community, and resources to women grieving failed IVF and permanent infertility.

Artist. Speaker. Coach

As a Humanitarian Fine Artist, Inspirational Speaker and Coach, Firestone empowers women to unleash silent conversations and provoke inquiry around taboo, painful feminine experiences in order to heal themselves and their loved ones.

Through daily art making and writing, Firestone examines her individual, personal experience, and translates it into global appeal as art, curriculum, authoring books, and inspirational speaking.

Firestone has been featured in Parade Magazine, The New York Times, LA Travel, San Francisco Chronicle, Art Business News, Worth Magazine, Seattle Times, and many more.

Guiding Principles

Robbi asks herself daily;
“How can I serve today,” and “My love is stronger than your fear.”

During the past year, Robbi is grateful for…

…many gifts. Here are some highlights; In March 2018 the film documentary, The Empty Womb about my artwork and ‘Telling the Truth’ by renowned documentary, Betsy Chasse, creator of the internationally best selling film, What the Bleep Do We Know (as well as 30 others), premiered at United Nations in parallel with Commission on the Status of Women, thanks to Hollywood Producer Tess Cacciatore and Global Women’s Empowerment Network. The film is available on

In March Firestone purchased (and renovating) a permanent gallery, Firestone Projects, LLC. to hang her installation artwork entitled, The Empty Womb, (the precursor to her Coaching) for museum and media viewings, to paint, and to permanently house her work. Firestone and her team welcome serious industry and media viewings.

In April 2018, Firestone was invited to speak on Art As Alchemy for the New Mexico Philharmonic Arts and Music Festival at New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science with her artwork presented across their planetarium. She presented a 3-hour talk for SCORE Mentors, The Art of Mastering Art Marketing, (and is currently completing a same-titled book).

She spoke at PowerteamUSA with Bill Walsh in NYC and is in discussion with Dipika Trehan The H.O.W. Forum in Bangalore, India about collaborating next year on a women’s empowerment event.

In 2017 in New Delhi, India, the Women’s Economic Forum conferred upon Firestone’s work the award, “Iconic Leaders Bettering the World for All,” thanks to WEFs Ohana USA. Firestone also spoke to executives for Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. on “Happiness.”

With mentors including great artists like Janice Arnold, Firestone is focused on finding the proper, first installation space for her art installation, The Empty Womb.

Through mentorship Carolin Soldo and The Powerhouse Coach team, Firestone is shifting her business model to creating a coaching business to fulfill her mission; To provide catharsis, community, coaching, and resources to women challenged with LIFE after IVF and infertility, finally putting to work her license, RSCP 2008, through Holmes Institute.)

Firestone facilitates classes, groups, forum retreats and events for clients including Young Presidents Organization, Gold Presidents Organization, Road Scholar, Hilton Buffalo Thunder Resort & Casino, The Four Seasons, Massey Furgesson, TIAA, and many others.

Firestone and her team offer private retreat and class opportunities through her business, Santa Fe Art Classes and Firestone Projects, LLC. in her beloved, stunning, art mecca town of Santa Fe, New Mexico USA.

Her Own Words

I grew up on the Mason Dixon line slalom skiing around water moccasins, dancing with fireflies, climbing trees and tipping cows in the Missouri boot heel.

At five years old my mother died, provoking my survival-oriented curiosity around spirituality, world religions, and philosophies. And, my profound desire to be a Mother, myself. It was not to be so….not yet, anyway.
Life is long. Life is a mystery….who knows what will happen next?

Constant ‘risks’ enable me to maintain a distinct, fearless style. By refusing to accept psychological, technical or external boundaries in my art, painting is my meditative, spiritual practice.

How does the world see ‘God’? How can paintings be prayers?” Daily I ask, “How can I serve today?” and repeat to myself, “My love is stronger than ‘your’ fear….”

I safaried through Africa where a Zulu Medicine man ‘threw my bones,’ I motorcycled Andalusia, SCUBAed ‘Shark Alley’ Turks ‘n Caicos, skydive, hiked glaciers, rode camels in the Sahara and much more.

I am addicted to adventure, achievement, and to the exemplary.
My idea of success? To wake up as my body desires, surround myself with those I admire, and ONLY work with people I love and respect. And to serve….to always, always be in service….

Life can be excruciating; I know this all too well. Especially after failed IVF and permanent, involuntary infertility. The existential trauma almost took me. I survived.

My highest desire is to support a woman to the other side of this pain, where she may see light again, and move onward. And Upward.

Blessings and Love,