*Individual results may vary.

It’s important to add a disclaimer to say these results aren’t typical, nor are they guaranteed. You actually have to apply the strategies if you want to shift your life! However, our goal is to help you cut down the time required in order to right yourself, and build a stronger life you will adore.

Robbi Firestone and her team are not academic expert on Complex PTSD or other trauma experiences. She has read and studied a great deal, but by no means exhaustively, and she does not make it a point to religiously keep up with all the latest developments in the reproductive medicine, or mental health fields.

What Firestone and her Team bring to the table is almost 20 years of coaching trauma survivors, and years of supporting women in their lives after IVF in individual and group settings. What Firestone offers here and in her programs are pragmatic, multi-dimensional approaches to recovering based on what she has seen work her clients, her loved ones and herself. She grateful offers it as a coaching experience. If you are in immediate distress, immediately do one of the following…

Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline – Official


Text CONNECT to 741741 in the US | Crisis Text Line
Talk to someone now. Text for confidential support.