Robbi Firestone’s curriculum and coaching, YourLIFEafterIVF.com offers a 5 step, proven program to support grief after failed IVF and Infertility.

Firestone and her team serve Fortune 500 clients and groups around the world including Young President’s Organization, World/Gold President’s Organization, Indian Oil Corporation, TIAA, The Four Seasons, Hilton Properties and many more.

Topics include Innovation, Creativity, Women’s Empowerment, Fulfilling Purpose. She was awarded, Iconic Leader Bettering the World for All, in Delhi, India 2017. Her work premiered at the United Nations in Parallel with the Commission on the Status of Women, 2018, among other distinctions.

Email John at Firestone Projects, LLC for more: info@RobbiFirestone.com.

12 weeks from isolation and hopelessness to rest, resolve/accept, and recreate a fulfilling new life

week transformation from the traumas only infertile women understand.

You are the person everyone comes to for solutions,
but now you have nothing more to give. You feel depleted, emotionally incapacitated, spiritually and physically exhausted.

If you lie awake contemplating your infertility,
and continuously feeling the devastation steal your motivation…

If you wonder how will you relate to your husband
again, care about sex, feel passion for your business, enjoy your friend’s children, forgive your family for their insensitivities…

If your life now revolves around this harsh and
painful reality that you can’t escape…

And If you feel too distraught to even participate
in anything healthy and it seems meaningless or useless to consider different possibilities for family, and create a new vision for life…

The truth is that the only thing you know how
to do right now is to plow through: put your child loss out of your mind. (Yes. You understand WHY I said, “child loss.”) You have no idea how to recover from the intensity of these emotions except to ignore them.

Rest and acceptance seem impossible and you contemplate
whether your heart is dead forever.

But deep down you also know you must find some
way to reverse the weakening health of your marriage, business, family and friendships…

You need to find a way to get on with LIFE: The Empty Womb Coaching; LIFE after IVF is for you.

We invite you…

Dear Grieving Mother,
Everyone sees you as today’s Wonder Woman:

You are fierce, committed, intelligent, strong, having accomplished all you have ever wanted.

You have designed your life around creating your family and created a successful C-suite position or business of your own.

You possess, coveted financial freedom, a solid, marriage, loving friends, a strong body, a supportive community, spiritual
center and a stunning home (including easy commute from the best private schools!).

You are a committed philanthropist, investing time and resources to support effective nonprofits.

Your personal and professional power and confidence mentors young ones and you are a natural leader.

You invest, and work at your own pace, albeit an intense pace, and you know when to take time for rejuvenation, to travel to
enrich your mind.

You even started reading parenting and pregnancy books years ago (feels like a cruel joke now)!

You laugh knowingly, modestly, when people refer to you as Wonder Woman. And you have always taken responsibility for every single thing that occurs in your life. You have always been ‘in control,’ because you are capable: you know what is right, just and good…

And now, suddenly, you realize you have zero control. That Wonder Woman that you used to know feels alien to you now. Mother Nature has kicked your ass: it turns out you CAN do anything, evidently. EXCEPT make a BABY.

This you find incomprehensible; you feel shockingly, perhaps for the first time in your life, truly vulnerable that your own body has betrayed you. Sometimes the hate in your heart is so powerful you feel you just might be going crazy. Your confusion is overwhelming and beyond immense.

What do you most desire?

I know your body, heart, spirit and mind still longs for your biological
child. And, I know that you have tried to recover from this grief alone.

Once the door closed on your biological motherhood, isolation hit
you like a semi-truck as people around you began cooing in condescending tones, “I’m sorry. Have you thought about adoption?”

You wish there were someone to talk to – you have rarely felt so alone. You have people around you who want to help, but they
cannot possibly understand the depths of your grief, your inexplicable, fierce emotions. “But the child didn’t exist,” they may ask. “How can this hurt so badly?”

You imagine expressing these foreign, excruciating feelings around
your motherlessness to someone who empathizes, not just sympathizes. But there is no peer you can confide in.
To make everything worse, your marriage needs repair; you miss intimacy.
You know he has been through the ringer too, but you have no idea how to support him as you are at an all time low. You are terrified of getting hurt again, and again. As is he….The two of you are growing apart and as your heart is deadened, you wonder if
if it’s the best thing anyway to just let him go. But you don’t want to….

Yet, you need to grieve. You’ve given up, yet want to care about life again. You long  to speak with other career women who created success in business, partnerships, community, service, yet could not create the most simple, basic, primal thing; a baby. YOUR baby….

Does this feel like you?

Your isolation feels maddening; NO ONE understands your infertility and you simply cannot find a path through the pain. Other female friends don’t get it. Some get pregnant without even trying!
No one seems capable of listening to your experience without offering to FIX you…or tell you to,‘get over it,’(and no, murdering them is not an option, (but you can, silently,‘damn them to hell.’ I know I did!)). Your mind knows that your feeling of failure is illogical, yet you cannot
escape the unsurmountable, inexplicable, crushing, devastating disappointment of not having a child. You’ve taken every desperate measure. And YOU, of all people, FAILED.
What’s insane is that you haveneverfailed before; circumstances shift, but your creativity and intelligence always ‘found a way’ to your goal. You ‘danced’
with Life, manifesting everything you desired. You know synchronity, you serve, you love, you succeed. You were master of your universe; you business, home, finances, philanthropy, marriage. Everything was perfect….
And then, Mother Nature kicked your ass.
Your sense of self knowing, your very identity has imploded on you.
Now you cannot even go to the grocery store, check Facebook, or watch commercials without bursting into tears. You’ve abandoned social media. Your heart is deadening daily against the constant barrage of incessant ‘mommy reminders,’ and the breath-stealing
shock that you will never, ever conceive, carry and bear a baby in this lifetime.
Your marriage is falling apart with empty sex, little trust. Your business suffers; your legacy feels useless
now. What’s the point? The physical discomfort and/or pain, identity crisis, and terrifying, alien emotions of rage, jealousy, fear, and even violence feel out of control. Completely out of character!
And, by the way, society reinforces time and time and time and time again, that you are not a ‘real’ woman.
The thought of holidays enrage you. You cannot bear to be around
children; even those you love dearly. Anyone’s. Baby showers? Children’s birthday parties? You’d rather die.
Family won’t let you grieve; you hear, “Just
get over it, “ or “Have
you thought about adoption?” and want to smack the insensitive idiot with the audacity to say it. You think, “No. Gosh Golly! I’ve just never heard of that word, ‘adopt.’ What-EVER in the WORLD could you MEAN????”
(And you want to smack them…)
Life feels meaningless without your child. You cry quietly a lot.
And think often about dying completely alone….
For the first time, there is no “way around.” Your body has betrayed
you, your marriage has suffered, your family feels distanced, your friends are insensitive, clueless, or avoiding you. You are silent or sarcastic. Perhaps you’re doing the distancing because your rage, jealousy, even violent thoughts are shocking to you,
profound, and scary.
You may even now HATE your God. How could a Just Creator do this?
Where is the justice, fairness, goodness of the Universe? How could the soul of a child NOT choose ME?
Your business may be your savior, yet your performance is suffering.
You may ask, “What’s the point anymore?” You’ve built a meaningful, prosperous, beautiful life to provide for YOUR child. Who now, will never exist as you dreamed.
You are jealous and rageful, defensive and isolated. Your sex is
lifeless and empty, intimacy deadened. You have fiercely focused, worked your ass off, and nailed every thing you’ve ever wanted. Yet, you, powerful woman that you are, cannot do what an amoeba or lowest reptile can do: procreate.
Infertility and IVF are experiences kept very private. The truth
is that partners, friends, colleagues, loved ones simply cannot and do not understand the absolute need to grieve the loss of NOT being able to birth a baby.
You know you can’t blame them. Just like you will never know what
it’s like to carry a baby, they will never know what it’s like to have so WANTED that kick in your belly, lips on your breast. You even joyfully anticipated labor pain. You savored that future memory. Now, never to be.
You KNOW you need an empathetic, understanding peer to talk to.
You must resurrect your romance to save your marriage, to trust your partner again.
Your grief needs to be voiced: you want to scream as loud as you need to.
You want to learn to survive holiday hell: birthdays, baby showers,
Christmas, Hanukkah
You must learn to not resent colleagues leaving for kids soccer practice
or ballet.
Your body is weak; You need to forgive it’s betrayal and feel healthy,
detoxed, strong.
You’d like to feel curious and happy again (about anything, for God’s
sake), if that’s even a remote possibility, you want it…
You must find a new identity, to see yourself without wondering about looking into your own child’s eyes.
You must develop balance pace with your work, not continue to use it to shield your shattered heart.
You want to speak your truth graciously, without the edges of jealousy, sadness, pain.
You miss your friends, and want, need,
to learn to relate to them without anger or distrust.
You’d wonder how you could ever trust your God again and feel spiritual wholeness.
You know you must find a new future or you will likely destroy your current life.
You must vanquish your victimhood and find a way to feel empowered again.
In short, you think you may be going crazy.
You are at a dead end and need someone to talk to who friggin GETS
it…. And Now
If one hasn’t been through it, it is really tough to understand.
Not some “Infertility Coach” out there who’s already carried her
own child and is already everything you were dreaming of being – a biological mother no.
You are reluctant, yet understand that in order to move on, you must
create and implement a new vision for your life. You need to talk to someone who has been through this, someone who can help you recover, put the pieces back together, re-create some kind of life that could be wonderful, even in the wake of all this devastation,
even if it feels that kind of life can never be…you know you need to do this.

I have been in your shoes…

So, Take a deep breath, My Love.
You are not crazy.
And you do not have to do this alone.
And, you will recover…
You see, unfortunately, I understand. Seven years later, I still
grieve the loss of infertility and LIFEafterIVF. The loss will never go away. But now, instead of a child, I long to hold you, and women like us, through the process of grieving our ‘child-not-to-be.’ I call her, “The Golden Child Who Never Was.”
In 2013, like you, my life ended when my IVF doctor said, “Your body will not work to make your baby. It’s time to contemplate other options.”
Dr. Klein then added, “…and we must schedule a
hysterectomy. Soon.”
My breath was stolen from my chest. My heart constricted and died
in that moment. My shock was rattling, incomprehensible, crippling.
My five year pursuit to make a baby devastated my marriage, my career,
my health, my most intimate friendships. It eliminated my sex life. I gained 30 pounds because I just no longer cared about the hated body which betrayed me….
Like you, until infertility, I joyfully took FULL responsibility
for my life. I envisioned, felt, set goals. I always WON; not against others, but for myself. I designed and built my dream life knowing, “It’s my responsibility to create everything in my life. I vision it. I feel it. I create it.”
A lifelong student of the Law of Attraction, my God and I were buddies,
partners, and confidants.
I was unstoppable; an entrepreneur and internationally renowned fine
artist traveling the world in our private jet, with international media coverage, public speaking awards. A licensed RScP through United Centers for Spiritual Living, I painted commissioned oil portraits for global visionaries, CEOs and celebs including Don Miguel Ruiz (author the Four Agreements), Dr. Michael Beckwith (The Secret), Keb’Mo’ (6x Grammy winner), etc. My art was featured in the NYTimes, Parade Magazine, San Francisco Chronicle, Art Business News, etc. I built my brand, rushing around the world to public speaking gigs, so when my precious baby came, I could immediately change my business model to full-time mommy/artist; painting, nursing, playing, and working from home when little Livia or Conrad napped…The soon-to-be-father of my children proposed! My husband and I were leaders in Young/World Presidents Organization and passionate donors to children’s nonprofits. A five generation captain of industry, my husband and I journeyed throughout the world, excitedly anticipating “The Arrival;” “Maybe we’ll conceive in on safari in Africa. Or Zurich? Florence? Toledo? Surely not Vancouver?
How about Death Valley? Alta skiing? When will this baby COME? And where?”
We moved to in Santa Fe, New Mexico, deciding on a village feel for
her upbringing; skinned knees, tree houses, horseback, hiking. We purchased our nine bedroom dream home, three minutes from the best private school for her bevy of kidlet friends to play after school. Safe bike rides to her friends houses for her growing independence,
and close neighbors guiding each other’s kids.
I adopted and personally trained two, 200 pound mastiffs from the
doggie shelter to protect our children to come, and our magnificent home. An additional housekeeper was hired; Zuli was passionate about baby care, and joyfully available to nanny the moment our tiny one was born.
In the ministry at my church/spiritual center, I had 30 ministers
‘praying in’ my baby weekly….
I was on TOP of the world….
When IVF commenced, I committed like never before to the perfect
diet, rest, holistic healthcare including cleanses/fasts, acupuncture, therapists, massage, meditation, visualization, daily journaling. I softened my workload, rested, hired additional help. I eagerly prayed every single IVF syringe, every single meal,
and wrote letters to my dear baby. I could FEEL her presence in me…
Until Mother Nature took a semi-automatic to my dreams the moment
my IVF doctor stated through teary eyes; “Your body can no longer take this. You’ve done everything right; everything you could. I don’t usually
get emotional, but, I’m sorry. We have to give up. It’s time to consider other options for Motherhood.” Followed by, “You need to have a hysterectomy…..soon.”
I thought my baby was coming if it killed me….And, it almost did.
My hysterectomy took 5.5 hours; 13 organs operated on from adenomyosis;
severely advanced endometriosis ‘burning’ damage. And, secretly….I hoped I’d die on that operating table.
My infertility stopped me dead in my tracks; almost literally. I
questioned every single notion about my life. My trauma was inexplicable. I failed on all levels; biological, existential, relational, physical, spiritual.
“Hundreds, if not thousands of females before me created THIS body I’m in. So why am I at the end of the line? Why am I the primal, biological failure? Why did a soul not choose me? What’s the point of marriage without children? How could God be so cruel to give abusers children, and not me?
You see, infertility devastated my understanding of life itself.
How can an amoeba procreate and I cannot? How can women who abuse their children have a baby, when I would cherish a child, giving her everything? How will I make love again without pain? How can I trust my husband again? Why are my friends useless to me now? Why won’t people shut up about adopting? How can I have worked so hard, and gotten nothing for it? How can I ever feel purpose again, now that my reason to live is dead? Why is suicide so prevalent in my thoughts, when logically I know that other women have created happy lives after devastation? Thoughts of suicide overtook my world. My body hatred and feelings of failure increased exponentially. I no longer cared about life. About anything. Or anyone. I was….done. Every “infertility coach,” I found had given birth to biological children. Every. Single. One. (Maddening when I could barely look at friends who had children!) Infertility coaches wanted to help get me pregnant. Too late! Now who is there when all hope for having a baby is gone?
There was simply No One to talk to…..
And I could not accept my fate… I passed through the darkest night
of the soul; five years of trauma, grief, loss, isolation, desperation, depression, dangerous prescription and illegal drug usage, nightly drinking. A very skilled CEO, I hid it all from prying eyes through skillful marketing, social stories, smiling charity
photos, pictures of the “happy couple.” My marriage held silent unforgiveness, lack of trust, empty sex, and distance….
I made use of myself in the world. I did my service. I fucked my husband.
The corners of my mouth turned further downward into a furrowed,
angry, permanent frown. Oddly, my vanity was the thing that made me start accepting. I’d look in the mirror and see this ugly woman. “I used to be pretty….I used to be strong, svelte….” Five. Friggin’. Years. “You’ve gotta get a grip, Robbi.” I finally began to accept. Create thoughts of surrogacy. If not my baby, then his….
And then my husband told me he wanted his happy wife back, the person
I was before. “She’s dead,” I’d respond. His response was, “No surrogacy.”
He had moved on. I could not.
My marriage was done. My body weak, exhausted, fat, and in pain.
I gained 30 pounds, refused to exercise, punishing the heinous body which had betrayed me. Friendships died due to my rage and jealousy, their ignorance or insensitivity.
They had moved on. I could not.
I ignored everyone personally while going through the professional
‘motions.’ My suicide contemplations increased in frequency, clarity, and magnitude.
Through IVF and after, the isolation I felt was profound.
Thank God, there was one woman I found who had shared my experience 20 years before, and was willing to talk about it. Encourage me. She became
my only confidant until I could turn to living again. Nancy, saved my life, my mind, my heart.
We all need that one voice and listening heart to witness and support
our grieving infertility. I would be honored to be that listening heart for you…

Takeaways from our 12 proven steps…

I have been coaching women for 20 years, yet now have found my mission; to provide support, catharsis and resources to women traumatized by infertility and invitro fertilization. A licensed RSCP through United Centers for Spiritual Living, and Holmes Institute, I am a coach, teacher, public speaker, spiritual practitioner.

A fine artist, I have created the world’s first museum art installation to, “unleash the silent conversation around infertility, IVF, miscarriage and child loss.” This artwork saved my life. My purpose to provide catharsis, resources, and community to women traumatized by infertility has become my mission in life.

And it would be my distinct honor to support a woman like you.

Through this course, Empty Womb Coaching, #LIFEafterIVF you will immediately eliminate your isolation, and enter a highly confidential, non-judgmental conversation to process your grief and heal your trauma.

You’ll receive resources, homework, playwork, fiercely focused on you. You’ll enter a community of maven business women, women now experiencing motherlessness, who wholly understand and empathize.

You will find support strong enough to hold you through fully expressing your grief, safe for your most scary, fierce, negative emotions. You’ll learn new ways to communicate graciously with loved ones and colleagues around you, softening painful relationship feelings. You’ll step into trusting your partner again, and open to enjoyment. We’ll design your ‘islands of happiness,’ heal your heart, forgive your body for its betrayal. Physical and emotional strength will return.

You’ll learn to set healthy boundaries, so family stigmas can heal. We’ll create personalized scripts to graciously tell your truth when you desire, and protect yourself when you need. You will forgive insensitivities from family and friends partners, colleagues. You’ll rebuild a stronger sense of identity than ever before.

You will spiritually recover and feel peace again, learn to survive the former hell of baby showers, birthdays, mother’s day, and other holiday nightmares. You will finally give your grief a voice, all with the intention of accepting biological motherlessness, and realizing a new way forward in love, happiness, joy, partnership and vision.

Finally, you will design a new future and life plan, and learn to live in wellness again.

Take-Aways from our 12 proven steps…

Eliminate Isolation
No longer hopeless, you’ll realize I have a supportive community is available to you. You’ll sense you can
open your heart again, reflecting on where insensitivity, discomfort and stuffed feelings have stunted your relationships.

Rest and Revive Your Body
We’ll examine, “What price have I paid to have a baby?” Develop a Respect Plan around health, discuss and address physical pain. You’ll learn meditation practices, share ‘happiness islands,’ and commit to ways in which you soothe, support and nurture yourself.

Resurrecting and Repairing Romance
We’ll contemplate and discuss sex, trust and love and trust challenges unique to infertility. You’ll address‘ trust breakdown,’ explore compassion for your Beloveds trauma, script how you can approach him, (as he might need you to take initiative.) We’ll create a vocabulary to support your relationship, and explore the frustrating cycle that “Men need sex to fall in love, and women need love (trust) to have sex.”

From Control and Identity Crisis to Curious
We’ll explore the maddening realization that we are not in control, and shift frustration to curiosity. You’ll learn how to more honestly serve your business, colleagues, and friends, and redefine your current identity. Create new rituals and reverence around IVF memories, learning new ways to relate to these remembrances, like my project The Empty Womb.

Finding a Forgiving Future
You’ll consider passions and purpose, contemplating your legacy. You’ll learn practices and ideas to serve yourself and others through your experience. Ease existential trauma, honoring the loss of your dream. We begin forgiveness, create a plan for soft, gracious recovery and gently approach a new future, knowing that you are not alone.

The Program Defined

This is a 12 week, private one-to-one coaching program to support you in grieving your infertility and going from hopeless isolation to rest, accept, and create a fulfilling, new life.

1.5 Hour Consultation;
Finally Free From Infertility; Rest, Recover and Resolve
-Discuss your immediate needs, short and long term goals, and current challenges in your LIFEafterIVF

12 Week Webinar
-Weekly training modules delivered via email
-Custom designed workbooks with homework, assignments, and practices

One-on-One Support
-Weekly 50 minute coaching call with Robbi for 12 weeks
-Robbi’s personal review of homework, playwork, practices
-Additional 50 minute support calls available for hourly rate, upon Robbi’s discretion and schedule
-Full email access to Robbi for 4 months (submit your questions directly to Robbi@RobbiFirestone.com
for personalized help)
-One weekly LIVE group Q&A session where you will receive 1:1 coaching with Robbi to address your unique needs
and challenges.

Private Facebook Group
-Private and exclusive Facebook Forum community to connect with other professional, highly driven women tackling recovery from infertility and unsuccessful IVF cycles
-Additional access to Robbi by posting your questions in our private Forum
-Networking and accountability opportunities
-Shared worldwide community infertility resources

One Emergency Call
-One, 30-minute emergency call throughout 12 weeks
-Additional 30-minute emergency calls available for an hourly rate, upon Robbi’s discretion and schedule

You Also Receive
-Witness otherin thecesses inthe program to encourage and enlighten your own path to LIFEafterIV
-Access to private resources recommended by Robbi
-Private members portal where all live training, recordings, resource links, and Q&A calls are uploaded for 24/7
-VIP access to couples, women’s and creativity small group retreats with Robbi in Santa Fe, New Mexico Founding Membership
-Opportunity to become a founding member of “Free After Infertility;” a foundation Robbi’s creating to support female victims forced into human trafficking as a result of infertility in underdeveloped

NOTE: 8.5-13% of the world’s women are vulnerable as victims to sex trafficking due to infertility. FAI focuses on eradicating the stigma of infertility in third world countries, focused on creating the first United Nations SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) to address the financial implications of infertility.

Client Results

“With Robbi, I …was compelled into healing my profound loss. My isolation ended. I was able to openly grieve. Process. My anger ebbed. I could find focus again; run my business. I eventually accepted my biological motherlessness. When I was in that darkest place of my life, desperate to be heard, Robbi became a voice of love, humanity, and tenderness, until I could hear my own, strong voice again.”

Heather T., Tucson AZ

“Working with Robbi was empowering….her calm and warm demeanor. Her guidance is one of the most treasured gifts I have ever received. I feel whole again. I’d neglected my friends, my purpose, and almost lost my marriage. I never thought I’d be able to say it; I can move on after IVF and infertility. I’m gonna be ok….”

Theresa C., Seattle, WA

“Robbi is the first person who listened; truly understood….she is one-of-a-kind….radiates intelligence, support, compassion, creativity…I feel blessed to have found her when I most needed help… I can’t recommend Robbi highly enough. If you feel helpless after IVF, please, please call her. Then you’ll find all of us, so we can support you, too. You’re not alone. Thank you, Robbi, from the bottom of my heart! I love you!”

Diane L., Maui HI

“…Robbi helped me heal and move on from the worst moment of my life; my infertility.”

Sharon B., Beverly Hills, CA

“I am an artist and a psychotherapist, as well as a deeply spiritual
person. I follow the same people that Robbi does, Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, etc., I needed her to help me look more deeply inside myself to recover. Thank you sincerely… Thank you for helping me…survive my infertility after IVF.”

Marianne M., Bellevue WA

“Robbi, you provided me space to rest, be heard, accept my motherlessness,
and create altered goals for a different life. I feel so grateful… You are a real gift. I cannot express my gratitude. I just know I feel alive again after my infertility.”

Marilyn L., Dallas TX

“Robbi Firestone literally transformed my infertility insanity into
clear purpose and integrity, a deep love again for humanity, and a new, authentic way to live. I’ve been blessed; I experienced a complete shift in my life. It’s been such an honor to work with her. Thank you, Robbi Firestone.”

Sue O., Seattle WA

“Robbi alchemized her past; her personal loss will support countless
other infertile women; her story of rising above challenges to create an inspiring life of service…is powerful and meaningful. Her compassion, guidance, care, and spirit helped me create a new vision of life after my infertility. Robbi has brought her passion and purpose together in a way that truly reflects her desire to be of service to the world of infertile women.”

Erin R., Los Angeles, CA

“Dear Robbi… Congrats on your
poignant work. I’m thrilled you’re taking on this topic. Soooo many women will relate! This helps me think about how to approach this editorially… Best wishes, Sarah”

Sarah Elizabeth Richards, Elle Magazine Writer

“Thank you, Robbi. Your work
is so moving because it is not only deeply personal and explores a “ taboo” subject, but also because it is so universal to women everywhere…from the “privileged” woman…trying IVF to the checker at K-Mart, the pain of infertility is the same….We always need to remember that we …never know what personal trauma is being faced by someone we come into contact with…I will be thinking about your work and you deeply hope that it receives the public attention it deserves. Warmly, Charlene”

Charlene Cerny, Director, Museum
of International Folk Art

“Artist Robbi Firestone …has an installation called The Empty Womb
which deals with her infertility issues. The small rooms contain everything from hypodermic needles and other medical paraphernalia from Firestone’s own in-vitro journey, to sweetly crocheted baby clothes that will never be worn. If art is emotion on canvas, Firestone’s Empty Womb exhibit is a ragged cry of pain and acceptance.”

-Writer Rachel Weingarten, 1/31/2016

“…there is beauty in the grief, the hurt, the
suffering and eventually the breakthrough back into the light….Thank you, Robbi, for being so open and willing to be exposed, authentic and vulnerable, to allow us to witness your journey through your darkest night. As you birth this installation, you teach me what it means to create from your soul and what it means to be a woman. Your strength and courage, vulnerability and heart inspire. You will forever impact many women…”

Betsy Chasse; Producer/Director/Writer of internationally bestselling film, “What The Bleep Do We Know?”

What happens after you apply?

When you register for LIFEafterIVF One-on-One coaching with Robbi Firestone, you’ll be sent a confirmation, and
an invitation to book time for your Skype consultation call with her. You’ll be asked to fill an intake form so we can learn a little more about you.
to help begin the conversation. You’ll contemplate your immediate needs, feelings, etc., and have the opportunity to include any pertinent information you feel is important or urgent to address including challenges, emotional needs, expectations, etc.

And, you will suddenly be assured as you find yourself in a supported environment, knowing you are no longer isolated…you are no longer alone.

Step into this journey, knowing you do not have to lead the way. In this, you can finally relax, rest, be heard, and be held emotionally as you begin your necessary path to accepting your infertility and IVF experience, into creation, trust, warmth, hope and even, possibly, joy again.

You can now look toward creation of a different, yet deeply fulfilling new life.

Doors are closing

Is it time to finally process your grief, begin
feeling forgiveness, release the anger, jealousy, and defensiveness? Are you ready to feel whole again?
As this work is deeply intense, personalized, and moving, Robbi can
only accept five private, one on one clients in this season.
Apply now to find out if “Thrive After IVF” is for you….

There is no other program in existence to support women after failed IVF cycles

What will make this experience different, supportive, honest and successful for you is the simple fact that there are not many Infertility Coaches, if any, that understand your devastation and your desires the way I would because I’ve been through this myself.
Although my successes and awards don’t necessarily make this program different, I want to share them with you so that you know that I understand what it’s like to have everything, to have the success and manifest all the good things in life, and then have everything fall apart…
In addition to an unsuccessful IVF journey and infertility, I am a licensed, RScP, entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, and philanthropist. A Hollywood media CEO, she has been with Young Presidents Organization and World/Gold Presidents Organization since 2002.

As a fine artist, I created the first large scale, museum art installation called The Empty Womb about IVF and infertility. My work is slated to premiere March of 2018 at the United Nations with The Empty Womb film created by Betsy Chasse, (Creator, Producer, Writer, Director) of the globally bestselling documentary, What the Bleep Do We Know. The combined mission is to provide support, catharsis and resources to women traumatized by infertility and IVF.

I’ve been featured in the NYTimes, San Francisco Chronicle, Parade Magazine, Art Business News, Dallas Daily, Miami Herald, Boston Globe, among others, and I was conferred by Women’s Economic Forum the prestigious award; Iconic Leaders Bettering the World for All, in New Delhi, May of 2017. I understand first hand that status and financial success are no fair ‘trade’ for Motherhood, and what it feels like to truly, undeniably fail for the first time in my life. I can remember jealous, jarring, crass comments from former friends:
“Well, you have everything else. Serves you right that you can’t be a mother.”
(Feel familiar? (Wow. What do you do with that?)
“Why can’t you just be grateful?
You have everything you could ever want.”
How about these doozies…?
“But your business is your baby!”
“Lucky YOU! You’re so freeeee! You have nothing to complain about,”
“What’s wrong? Just get over it….”
“…But there are other ways to mother!”
and my personal favorite;
“Well, being a mother is overrated,” (which provoked in me a response so direct, vehement and voluminous, I was almost thrown out of a birthday party.) I understand firsthand the most maddening, fix-it-question….that horrible, constant, incessant, insensitive question:
“Have you thought about adoption?”
I’ve lived through this, it has marked my life and I can never deny it, and neither can you. But we both can move through it can still continue to build a life that IS worth living. Through this course, Empty Womb Coaching; #LIFEafterIVF Grieving infertility; 12 weeks from hopeless isolation to rest, resolve, accept, and create a fulfilling, new life.

–You. Will. Feel. HOPE.
–You will no longer feel isolated. You’ll finally be able to express
your grief and heal this trauma. You’ll enter a community of powerful women who have survived motherlessness.
–You’ll receive resources, homework, playwork, a fierce focus on
–You will find a highly confidential space; safe for your most painful, embarrassing, negative emotions.–You’ll learn to speak truth graciously from your heart to your husband, enjoy the pleasures of being a woman again, and step back into marriage/partnership.
–You’ll be gentle with your body as your strength returns, and learn
to live in wellness again.
–You’ll set boundaries with family and friends, protect yourself,
and trust again.
–You will forgive insensitivities.
–You will create and commit to a more authentic identity.
–You will feel peace again; and contemplate a new spiritual relationship
with Life and your God
–You’ll be able to attend baby showers, birthdays, mother’s day,
and other holidays which used to destroy your heart over and over.
–Your grief will have a voice, softening the pain around your biological
–You will realize new ways to love, happiness, joy, and heal.
–You will feel free from the magnificent pains of infertility…and
unexpected freedoms in daily Life moments.
–You will feel hope; new dreams, visions, ideas. You will begin
to design a different future and life plan.

My Promise To You

My promise to you:

In these 12 weeks, you’ll transform your grief into hope, and end isolation. You’ll forgive but not forget, and accept LIFEafterIVF, infertility. You’ll experience a resolve, rest, and invent new dreams, rekindle of passions, reconnect with loved ones.

You’ll finally feel freedom.

Who the program is for? Who it’s not for?

You are exhausted; tired of feeling sad, lonely and depressed about your IVF and infertility.
You are ready to rest and release all that was…
You are committed to finding passion again in your love relationship.
You believe in taking responsibility
for your well being, and will do the work.
You are ready to properly process
and release your grief, without feeling guilty.
You are sick of reliving this story.
You want to trust your friends
and family again, and transform your connections.
You want to balance your business
life, no longer using it as a crutch to forget your pain.
You know you can alchemize
this experience, creating a new, golden vision of your life.
You may not be ready to accept your infertility, yet you now, you simply, somehow must.
And the time to accept has
Admit that you’re just not ready if:
You’d rather continue doing what you’ve been doing – My Love.
If you indulge in the same thoughts, deeds, and actions as before, you know it will not serve you. “Insanity
defined; doing the same things and expecting different results. *Albert Einstein.” We cannot solve problems with the same mind that created them.
You are unwilling to invest time, resources and commitment to
your physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual health. “Talk to yourself like you would to someone you love.” *Brené Brown. – If some unworthiness part of you still exists, it’s time to love her and send her gently away to a permanent home (for
the infirmed parts of you).
are defensive, and unable to discern your ego from your higher thoughts. “Once
we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit.” *E.E. Cummings.” Why would you fight new information which may serve you?
You know you can never, ever get over your infertility. “So
throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sail. Explore. Dream. Discover.” *Mark Twain. (Robbi knows you can and knows you will, even if you do not.)
You believe running your company
is the only thing that can save you – yet you know that this is the worst way to cope. “Tension is who you think you should be, relaxation is
who you are,” *Chinese proverb.” This will only damage your leadership in the long run.
You have given up hope for
a happy life. “A fulfilling long term relationship is not accomplished by just finding the one.
It is rather a co-operation between the two passionate and highly motivated partners working together, figuring out every single situation, holding hands… *Abhijit Naskar.”

Why must you act now?

You can keep going it alone and stay isolated, hopeless. Everything hurts. Life, relationships, friendships, work, community, philanthropy.it
all feels meaningless. Your marriage is no longer sacred, your lovemaking dull, perhaps painful; you go through the motions.

You find yourself angry at pictures in colleagues offices, or when they leave early for family events. You think your work is now worthless, your body a foe, your ambitions useless. You stay struck with unexpected, uncontrollable sadness, depletion, depression, jealousy, even rage and/or even violent thoughts.

Your family members seem insensitive, uncaring, or condescending, though you know they love you. Your friendships have suffered, or become obsolete. You regurgitate painful thoughts so foreign, alien, and angry you no longer recognize yourself.

You’ve lost your will to live
a good life, and think often, I’ve done everything right…why not me? What’s the point?….
You can keep living that life,
that hell…
Or you can put an end to your isolation, hopelessness, and join my program where I’ll guide you into :

–A highly confidential conversation of empathetic, sincere support
to process your grief
–A network who ‘gets you,’ having moved through the same pain
–Trusting your partner again, and opening to enjoyment
–Gracious communication with loved ones and colleagues
–Forgiving insensitivities from those around you
–Strengthening your body
–Building a new identity
–Surviving baby showers, birthdays, mother’s day, and other formerly painful holidays
–Giving your grief a voice
–Accepting biological motherlessness
–Recovering inner peace an designingg a new life plan, learning to live well again


What’s the schedule?

The LIFEafterIVF, 12-week program will entail one personal call a week with Robbi, and homework modules for you to complete before each call. Robbi will share all her resources with you, customized for your personal needs. Sessions are 50 minutes each, with one additional emergency call available according to Robbi’s availability.

What if I’m unsure this will work?
“I know I must release my pain and move forward. I don’t want to feel this way anymore. I want to recover. It’s time to accept….”
If you agree with this statement, (even if only in mind and not heart), and commit to this program, then this program WILL work for you.
“I’ve finally stopped running away from myself. Who else is there better to be?” *Goldie Hawn.”There is a new, adventurous, brave, excited, creative, courageous you, yet to be discovered. Robbi looks forward to meeting her….

What can I expect from our time together?

Robbi will be an active listener. Fiercely confidential, deeply respectful. She is unafraid of any topic from graphic sexual questions to excruciating jealousies, rage, shames. Robbi will hold you to your highest self, believing in your healing, and holding you strong. Her creativity, compassion, direct communication, gentle truth-telling, analogies, personal experience, and grounded wisdom will nurture and guide you into a new story for your life.

“Don’t be satisfied with stories… Unfold your own myth.” *Rumi.”

You will be partners in possibility; and you will create a beautiful, hopeful, magnificent new vision for life.

Is there a payment plan?
When you schedule your “Finally Free” call, you will see all the available payment plans listed on the website.

I have more questions!
No problem. If you have more questions, submit them here and one of Robbi’s team will be happy to answer them.

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