The proud daughter of a 28 year Marine, Robb’s mother of cancer died when she was three years old, provoking a profound need to be a biological Mother; “to smell the skin of her child.”

After two pulmonary embolisms, her doctor said, “You will no longer do this.”

Robbi could find no one to help her process this particular grief of failed in-vitro fertilization and resulting, permanent infertility. Robbi’s quest for support showed the shocking reality that there were NO experts in this field to help through the darkest grief of her life. 


Robbi’s dream of biological motherhood died, yet another dream eventually emerged.

To become the support she personally needed; a rare opportunity to truly do as Mahatma Gandhi advised; “…to become the change you want to see in the world.”

Robbi chose to re-purpose her life from Motherhood to empowering women grieving lost biological Motherhood to healthily, efficiently process the pain, end isolation and hopelessness, while finding alternative paths to family or other….


As a humanitarian fine artist, Robbi produces works through Firestone Projects, LLC. to inform, inquire and provoke conscious conversation with clients including Fortune 100s, Young Presidents Organization, World/Gold Presidents Organization, etc.

A passionate philanthropist with an advocates heart, Robbi owns and operates Santa Fe Art Classes where she lives, teaches, facilitates and coaches from her beautiful, high desert home in the creative Mecca of Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.