The most challenging thing after my last IVF and knowing it was my last as my husband said he just couldn’t do it again was sitting there in the unknown realizing that now I am not busy with all the things you have to deal with going through IVF, I will have to start grieving all the previous losses I endured. I sort of tucked all the pain away. It has been about 10 years since my 6th miscarriage. I am still sorting it all out. I think it may be a life long process.


With Robbi, I …was compelled into healing my profound loss. My isolation ended. I was able to openly grieve. Process. My anger ebbed. I could find focus again; run my business. I eventually accepted my biological motherlessness. When I was in that darkest place of my life, desperate to be heard, Robbi became a voice of love, humanity, and tenderness, until I could hear my own, strong voice again.

Heather T.

Tucson, AZ

Thank you, Robbi. Your work is so moving because it is not only deeply personal and explores a “ taboo” subject, but also because it is so universal to women everywhere. Made me realize how from the “privileged” woman who can even hope to try IVF to the checker at K-Mart, the pain of infertility is the same. And how we always need to remember in every interaction we have we can never know what personal trauma is being faced by the person we come into contact with…

I will be thinking about your work and you deeply and will hope that it gets the public attention it deserves.

Charlene C.

Director; Musem of International Folk Art

Robbi is the first person who listened; truly understood….she is one-of-a-kind….radiates intelligence, support, compassion, creativity…I feel blessed to have found her when I most needed help…. I can’t recommend Robbi highly enough. If you feel helpless after IVF, please, please call her. Then you’ll find all of us, so we can support you, too. You’re not alone. Thank you Robbi, from the bottom of my heart!
I love you! Diane L.

Maui, HI

“After creating and rewriting (and rewriting again) effective scripts, I practiced, then used them. My painful interactions with others which had been imbued with projection, guilt, anger, jealousy, misunderstanding and sympathy…simply ended.”


…Robbi helped me heal and move on from the worst moment of my life; my infertility.

Sharon B.

Beverly Hills, CA

Robbi, you provided me space to rest, be heard, accept my motherlessness, and create altered goals for a different life. I feel so grateful… You are a real gift. I cannot express my gratitude. I just know I feel alive again after my infertility.

Marilyn L.

Dallas, TX

Robbi alchemized her past; her personal loss will support countless other infertile women; her story of rising above challenges to create an inspiring life of service…is powerful and meaningful. Her compassion, guidance, care, and spirit helped me create a new vision of life after my infertility. Robbi has brought her passion and purpose together in a way that truly reflects her desire to be of service to the world of infertile women.

Erin R.

Los Angeles, CA

My family and friends tried to be supportive; after awhile they just wanted us to ‘get over it;’ to ignore our loss. They had no clue how to deal with my infertility… why Mother’s Day is the worst day of my life. With your program, it IS getting easier. My husband’s and my journey is lifelong. It is imperative for me to have a place to come…without feeling shame, guilt, or judgment; where I can be totally honest. I didn’t know how we’d ever make it. But we did. Thank you, Robbi. I’m gonna be okay. Lisa B.

“You will forever impact women with your work. You have forever impacted me. I know you are saving lives. You may have saved mine.”

Betsy C.

Robbi Firestone literally transformed my infertility insanity into clear purpose and integrity, a deep love again for humanity, and a new, authentic way to live. I’ve been blessed; I experienced a complete shift in my life. It’s been such an honor to work with her. Thank you Robbi Firestone.

Sue O.

Seattle, WA

I am an artist and a psychotherapist, as well as a deeply spiritual person. I follow the same people that Robbi does, Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, etc., I needed her to help me look more deeply inside myself to recover. Thank you sincerely…. Thank you for helping me…survive my infertility after IVF.

Marianne M.

Bellevue, WA

Your work is going to be a landmark for women everywhere. It is recognition of the loss and pain that we have had to bear alone. As a psychotherapist and a woman who failed IVF and still mourn my infertility, I still deeply feel the pain. I didn’t realize so many women were quietly and many shamefully, blaming themselves at the same time. Love and blessings from Seattle Ali C.

Working with Robbi was empowering….her calm and warm demeanor. Her guidance is one of the most treasured gifts I have ever received. I feel whole again. I’d neglected my friends, my purpose, and almost lost my marriage. I never thought I’d be able to say it; I can move on after IVF and infertility. I’m gonna be ok….

Theresa C.

Seattle, WA